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Leaflets on line

The BHF have lots of leaflets booklets videos and DVDs available on line relating to heart health. They are all free but a donation to BHF is welcomed they can be viewed on

Heart Health Magazine

BHF have decided to has increased the magazine’s frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly and can still be delivered freely to your home, if you would like a copy, call Heart Health subscription line on 0870 850 5281.

National campaign for Cardiac Rehabilitation Bulletin

BHF report that in the National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation although patients are now waiting less time for a cardiac rehabilitation programme “only 38% of heart patients across England Wales and Northern Ireland from the target groups (heart attack, bypass and angioplasty) receive cardiac rehabilitation.” Also that the number of patients and other types of heart conditions receiving cardiac rehabilitation varies greatly from area to area. The campaign continues in its aim to ensure that every suitable heart patient is offered a rehabilitation programme following a heart event. The BHF are planning to focus on cardiac rehabilitation during the National heart Month in February 2010. More updates on the campaign are available via

Tricia Mallin was featured in the letter page of the BHF ‘Heart Health’ magazine this June. Her husband Mike wrote to the magazine to share Tricia’s story of having heart surgery and of her progression afterwards. He also described her involvement with Shoc and her work as a volunteer and being able to share her experience of cardiac surgery. She hopes her volunteer work gives confidence to people and helps to allay fears of pending surgery.

John Clark (committee member) has been attending The North Trent Cardiac Care Network meetings. In May there was a regional forum for cardiac support groups  organized by the Network held at the Source in Sheffield. It was an opportunity where representatives from other cardiac support groups could meet and exchange experiences and John attended on behalf of Shoc. Many of the groups who attended related difficulties in retaining members and of obtaining resources.  More information about the Network can be found on its website:

New heart plan – the BHF campaign for a new heart plan for England has had a tremendous response and many people signed the petition for a “better future for heart health”. It is still not too late to sign up and if you wish to do so contact:

BHF Campaign to help ban cigarette vending machines – Stuart White has recently contacted his MP to let him know of his support for this campaign. It aims to protect children and young people from smoking by restricting the sale of cigarettes from vending machines. 1 in 5 young people between the ages of 11 to 15 years currently obtain their cigarettes this way. There is a proposal to introduce a government health bill including this issue.

A reminder that the BHF Heart Information Line provides an information service for the public and professionals on issues relating to heart health. It is available on 08450-70-80-70 (local rate number); their lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

For details of your local heart support group: 020 7487 7110 or email

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